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    What is the Virtual Village NetworkTM (VVN)?

    By Foodie Ventures

    The Virtual Village™ is a potpourri of Foodie Creatives (Mobile Food and Cottage Industry Vendors) offering their meal, Cuisine or product selections at one physical, “Virtual” location which allows the customer to access from a Website Ordering Platform or Mobile App. The concept of the Virtual Village Network™ is created by the founder of the Foodie Ventures company well over a year ago. It is a collection of the various Villages of Foodie Ventures located in the SF Bay Area and Calaveras County. It is also known as the Vendor Partner Program for today's Food and Cottage Industry Vendors participating in Foodie Villages. Read more.

    Ghost Kitchens

    By Foodie Ventures

    Since we first began experimenting with this business model a couple years ago it has been an exciting journey. The more we talk about this space and learn about the multitude of features and benefits and how it can be implemented, we have come to realize the potential is huge for our Boutique Foodies, Restaurants, Mobile Vendors, Cottage industry folks, and all of our Creatives! There are some very big opportunities in partnering with a Virtual Village enterprise in your neighborhood. To keep it simple, here is the business model and how it works. Read more.

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