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    Parking Lot Activation 

    Parking lots are everywhere. The target audience is transient, always on the move. Parking your ideas and products right where they are, ready to soak it in and learn something new. The milieus of Foodie Villages are magnificent worlds. People from all over, gathering to try new foods and discuss the goings-on in their lives. Activation of a product by gently nudging attendees simply by handing out sample drinks in logo-ed cups and having a troubadour wandering around singing about the lifestyle imagined for a product while wearing a T-shirt with the logo on it achieves a casual blend of goals. In the wild, free floating fair-like atmosphere layers of product motifs can be applied in creative and moving ways. In just about any way you could imagine cultural commercial references can be added to every situation. People talking in line for food can discuss the upcoming releases and airings of movies and T.V. or cable programming.

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    Find Your Space And Activate

    Through the Foodie Villagetm activation program we’re able to create exciting and engaging experiences. Which is usually a challenge for retailers and shopping mall/shopping center locations. There seems to be no shortage of parking spaces in the mall parking lot. There is an estimated 2 billion parking spots in the United States. Enough to cover the states of Vermont and Connecticut combined. All of this adds up to some great opportunities to host brand activations, promotional pop-ups, at the hub at of all this activity is the ongoing Foodie Village and occasionally a farmers market. This is where the experienced Foodie Village and Event City Network team comes into play, and can help you be hugely successful with your activation.

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    Foodie Village Brand Activations Drives Traffic

    Taking into consideration space usage, flow of foot traffic, power systems, bathrooms and layout are just some of the features that must be taken into consideration. Not to mention that some of the spaces will be needed to actually park cars. When planned and executed effectively the accomplishments can be significant. These days your typical brick-and-mortar retailer’s greatest challenge is getting customers into their store. A parking lot activation can help you create a great deal of foot traffic just through the visible aspect of your event. One of the greatest assets offered by parking lot activations is their visibility. Drivers in the area travelling through nearby neighborhoods, highways and byways will notice your activity taking place in the parking lot, and will stop in just based on curiosity.

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    It All Comes Together

    Building up the reputation of a location through hosting these kinds of activations will also offer another income generator by selling the naming rights of a lot to a sponsor. Fairs and festivals, 5 and 10k races, charity events and base camp for film projects are all possible event activations at these large-scale parking lots. The value to the owners of having a large scale parcel undeveloped is a strong revenue generating opportunity. From a logistics standpoint parking lots usually have electrical utility access ranging from 500 to several thousand amps of electricity that can be expanded as needed. Adding generators to complement the existing electrical infrastructure can easily be done, and all event activities will require bringing in temporary restroom and washing facilities. Additional lighting for ambiance and nighttime activations is recommended by Foodie Village. Coordinating the vehicle and foot traffic is an extremely important task for successful parking lot activations. Lots of film commissions look for basecamp locations and even offer shopping malls to film inside the retail centers.

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    We Get High-Tech

    As a Foodie Village Partner we will manage all of these opportunities for your company while you share in the revenue. There are many opportunities available by getting creative in a specific market. The Foodie Village Team will not only find opportunities but can help market them as well, and we have some guests who will regularly participate in these activations. There are clever ways to engage audiences with the ability to use different sections of a shopping mall. This is part of Foodie Village’s expertise in recognizing these locations and the possibilities of their activation use.


    The parking lots are part of those solutions. A popular multi-brand activation has been the High-Tech Arenatm, where a plethora of new technology is showcased on a weekly or monthly basis. At times, special permitting and insurance services need to be considered as well. A typical activation will not only benefit the shopping mall management or ownership but traditionally, the tenants will receive a boost in foot traffic from the event activation attendees. Many local office workers and nearby businesses will drop by for the Foodie Village cuisine offerings and entertainment and then hang out in the mall afterwards. First chance to participate will be offered to tenants who are impacted by these events. This will help in the communication and success of the activation.

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    Open Their Eyes

    The High-Tech Arena Activation can help drive traffic to Brick-and-Mortar Best Buy stores or other electronics outlets. Farmers Market and artisans community activations can help drive traffic into grocery stores, crafts and jewelry retailers as well. One of the greatest advantages of parking lot events is the "here today, gone tomorrow" effect. The guests or attendees of the activation know they will not be there long so they will stop on by out of curiosity. This makes for a win-win opportunity for retailers and those in the lot just parking there.


    What’s unique about this ideology of being in a parking lot, you know it will not be there forever. The event is temporary and something that you want to experience now. The merchants there are selling something that becomes valuable for you to park and go check it out.

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