• Virtual Village Network™

    By Foodie Ventures

    How it Works and Supports Creatives'

    What is the Virtual Village Network™ (VVN)?

    The Virtual Village™ is a potpourri of Foodie Creatives (Mobile Food and Cottage Industry Vendors) offering their meal, Cuisine or product selections at one physical, “Virtual” location which allows the customer to access from a Website Ordering Platform or Mobile App. The concept of the Virtual Village Network™ is created by the founder of the Foodie Ventures company well over a year ago. It is a collection of the various Villages of Foodie Ventures located in the SF Bay Area and Calaveras County. It is also known as the Vendor Partner Program for today's Food and Cottage Industry Vendors participating in Foodie Villages.


    We offer a unique business model for these types of participants to help grow their business way beyond what they might have ever imagined; an amazing opportunity for all Foodie Creatives. As a Creative Vendor you are helping to establish a local community Village that will help bring a great deal of added value to where you live and work. The benefit of reaching new customers not just for added income but for additional opportunities such as Catering, Concessions and large-scale event activity.


    The simplicity of the program is created via the Foodie Village model to help build a Community of Creatives within the various Village locations. The model is to offer a variety of meal options and unique products from one location to service an expanding customer base. The Virtual Village will thrive by not just relying on the existing customer base of the creatives, but to reach out and build a whole new audience willing to order for Take Out, Delivery, Walk-in diners (only at Restaurant Partner locations) and Drive-by Pickup™ customers. The Virtual Village introduces a new To-go model to a whole other level!


    The Virtual Village is creating opportunities for any Food Vendor and Cottage Industry business. It will help them grow exponentially and allow their business to experiment with new ideas and cuisines in a specific area for a relatively small investment. Our Creatives joining the program can participate virtually anywhere, with a quick launch, at a very low startup cost. They can jump on-board with a marginal investment, and give our Creatives the potential for a highly-profitable, on-trend, unique business that will drive revenue as if they had their own restaurant or storefront but without all of the expenses and headaches of operating a brick and mortar. This plan will also include the trendy Drive-by Pickup and Delivery options which are a customer magnet offering them more convenience with these tools and adds to the time-saving element of the entire model.


    Our location will showcase the various Creative Concepts along with the Foodie Village brand to help establish these new Geo-targeted Virtual Villages, online ordering, savory significant meals and products as popular attractions built on the Foodie Village Brand along with the Vendor's Cuisines and merchandise.


    Virtual Villages have many Benefits for the Mobile Food Vendors (Creatives) who join this program:

    • Ability to experiment with new cuisines and meal options at relatively low cost
    • Use the business model to enhance your offering to your existing customers
    • Drive new business and build a loyal following
    • Virtual Village broadcast your brand reaching a much wider audience increasing your revenue
    • Extremely low startup cost with a variety of member payment options for any budget
    • Short-term to Long-term contracts available
    • In-house team to design product showcases and websites for your company
    • Low development costs to create a custom menu for our Creatives
    • We train Creatives on our new “Take-away” model – new option for most Vendors
    • We offer a true Vendor partnership by helping to streamline the sales and order process
    • Opportunities for Retailers, Caterers, Product Manufacturers and Merchandisers
    • Location based income doesn't go away – walk-ins and loyal customers can still exist
    • Virtual Village provides added revenue streams for Creatives – specialty products and merchandising
    • The program helps to build the Creative's brand and offers a platform for their new ideas
    • Virtual Villages give Creatives a platform for experimenting with new cuisines and locations
    • Opportunities to Highlight and Showcase specially selected Menu items to all audiences
    • Virtual Village exclusive promotional opportunities for Member's Only


    This program is driven not only by the Food Vendor Cuisine options but is also based on data generated from hundreds of thousands of consumer Food or Meal purchasing habits and their various transactions. By building the Brands of qualifying and reliable Mobile Food Vendors our local opportunity will expand nationwide by fulfilling orders which are delivered via third-party delivery services including partners such as – DoorDash, Postmates, Bellhop, and Uber Eats. The secret sauce in our platform's recipe is our Drive-by Pickup along with our E-commerce online solution applied to our customized and impeccably managed Staging System to efficiently process orders for personal Customer and Delivery Driver pickups. This helps to drive more business to our Food Vendors, Farmers, Retailers, and all others in our network as well.


    Through its partnership with the Event City Marketplace, all of the Virtual Village Fulfillment Partners (Vendors, Restaurants, Popups, Farmers and more) receive a FREE account to set up their very own location on the EC Marketplace platform (a $400.00 Savings). Additionally, off-site Village Partners can manage orders using a tablet and printer that simplifies and streamlines all orders.




    In addition to technology we are constantly seeking great location partnerships and offer protected territories, for some Location and Vendor Partners. Foodie Ventures provides full training, management, operations and technology as well as a variety of promotions, discount codes (coupons­), gift cards and more.

    Ghost Kitchen

    Since we first began experimenting with this business model a couple years ago it has been an exciting journey. The more we talk about this space and learn about the multitude of features and benefits and how it can be implemented, we have come to realize the potential is huge for our Boutique Foodies, Restaurants, Mobile Vendors, Cottage industry folks, and all of our Creatives! There are some very big opportunities in partnering with a Virtual Village enterprise in your neighborhood. To keep it simple, here is the business model and how it works.


    We create a platform for any local entrepreneur to help them build their business. We secure a shared location for all participating Creatives. Whether they are a Mobile Food Vendor such as a Food truck or trailer operator, a cart or popup owner, even Cooks and Chefs, or any concept with strong branding or the ability to build it up. We can help them build their brand, implement delivery partners, invite them to a Foodie Village location, invite them to an online Foodie Village Storefront, and much more.


    A Virtual Village Partner can also be an actual Restaurant or Retail location, a Commissary, a shared kitchen, or a Virtual Brand such as a boutique olive oil company or a local baker. We view them all as FOODIE Partners. The goal is to develop a close working relationship with the Creative.


    We help the Creative expand on their own model, they are usually someone who wants to utilize a new infrastructure to reach a new audience, grow their existing customer base by reaching more consumers. We also have the added benefit of offering a Business, Corporate and Wedding clients the ability to have a much greater selection for their off-site catering needs. Although we offer a multi-channel solution to our Virtual Village Partners, we don't have a core strategic belief of which one of these will win, we want to be the platform to supply these solutions and let our partners figure out which solution is best for them.


    By building the Virtual Village Ecommerce platform we are creating the specifications for the essence of the online community. A complex platform that will allow users/customers/clients to simplify an Omni-channel purchase, such as a multitude of products and services purchased from any member of the Virtual Village community and have them make one payment for a variety of products or services on one shopping cart.