• We Offer Drive-by PickupTM

  • Drive-by PickupTM

    Our Drive-by Pickup concept is an innovative solution to help your business survive in today's tough world.

    We originated the drive-by or curbside concept in early 2013. Now we are implementing this at all our Foodie Village locations. We can also create this at your grocery, retail or restaurant establishment.

    We do it with mobile food vendors, food trucks, farmers markets, retailers and other outlets that sell pre-packaged products or prepared meals for sale.

    A variety of buying options all at one convenient location. We provide new choices for shopping, and support all local businesses at the same time.

    Confirm your order, receive your meals and drive away.

  • Food Pop-Up Serves as a Multi-Cuisine Source




    Orders for Pick Up


    Food Delivery Magic

    Anyplace that allows food trucks to operate is prime for the new wave of food orders for delivery.

  • Delivery Services Love Us

    We cater to the big name delivery services. Everything runs smoothly. There's parking available for delayed orders but no one needs to exit their cars.

    Delivery -- Last Mile to the Last Block

    We deliver city to city, last mile, and block to block. Let us provide your small to very large neighborhood communities with grocery, meal and peer2peer services during these tough times and beyond.

    Many Opportunities are Hiding in Plain Sight


    Every parking lot is a place for our business.

    Learn more about our parking lot activations.

  • Alcohol To Go

    The rules have changed. What was not allowed is now an important line of income for Bars and Restaurants. Helping these types of businesses to implement a business model during these trying times is what we do to help with their survival.

    Nothing is Left to Chance

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