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  • The Foodie Ventures Company

    All About Community

    Foodie Ventures helps to build and create communities known as Foodie Villages. We see anywhere from simple residential models to inventing new venue sites for unique opportunities. As a mobile events platform we focus on undervalued space, unused real estate while reviewing the value of public and private sectors to find locations to create long-term, curated community experiences.

    Your Outdoor Anchor

    We help to established outdoor free-form venues from all types of locations with a variety of different personalities. By doing this we assist landowners, building developers, shopping mall management and many others to help raise the value of properties. We become "Anchors" and Village managers at these locations to assist in attracting a variety of different projects and "Parking Lot Activations" generating added traffic and potential income.

    Customers & Clients

    The types of projects and companies that we find attracted to this type of an environment are usually Ad Agencies, Event Productions, private and public parties, corporate dining, Community festivals and fairs, and much more. We stay nimble with the hopes of establishing a long-term location which benefits everyone.

    Overcoming Adversity

    Unfortunately due to the nature of the current pandemic situation society is presented with great challenges. At times the environment and location are not conducive to a successful Foodie Village long-term establishment. By staying nimble it allows us to continue to build the community and location operations just sometimes at a slower pace.


    We look forward to the challenge and working with your organization to partner with you and build a fabulous Foodie Village location.

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