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  • Fabulous Foodie Village a Long-term Investment

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    The FABULOUS FOODIE VILLAGE™ is building relationships focused on community oriented long-term partnerships in creating a mecca location for not just a great place to come and get some wonderful eats, but a playground of sorts for family friendly activity, entertainment, music, performances and much more. We create a Mini Music Festival™, an ongoing venue to help entice an existing location or create an entirely new space for Food, Fun and Frolicking - a Delicious Disneyland™ for everyone!


    We invest in helping to create a progressive and continuing adventure for an existing audience as well as the future fans of your existing location no matter what type of space it might be. We spend the time to help establish a Foodie Village for various opportunities, here's just a few:

    1. Creating a positive influence on the local community

    2. Promoting an adjacent business or location with the capability to apply Traditional and Digital Marketing

    3. Establishing a new Venue location for Entertainment and Foodie exploration

    4. Providing an ongoing neighborhood Village for daily or weekly outings

    5. Establishing new use cases and revenue for dead real estate (Old lots, Shopping malls, etc)

    6. Create a custom Village to fit the whims of your location ideas

    7. Helping to build the local community and increase property values

    8. An asset for attracting commercial and consumer interest in new construction

    9. Infusing a new cultural scene at a corporate or business commercial property


    We can help you grow regardless of where you are located or the personality of your space

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    Property Owners, Venues,

    Locations and Managers

    We Give You an Edge and Support

    A True Partnership with Foodie Village

    Here's what we will accomplish...

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    Foodie Village @ Work

    We're redefining culinary activity at work and at play. At least hundreds who love the Mobile Food Vendor communities have shared with us their interest. We continue to ask and learn. The more we know, the more we can bring you joy in our Foodie Villages. Help us to disrupt the disruptors through innovative, creative, entertaining, and community experiences in the world of food, beverage and entertainment!

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    Creatives, Vendors, Venues - We're all Community

    We enjoy building community, not just with our Foodies, but with all of our Creatives as well. When you walk into a Foodie Village and the 5, 10 or more delicious varieties of these fabulous food vendors are cooking up a feast just for you, your friends and colleagues, we cherish these moments of wonderful community celebration.

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    Bringing Small Businesses to your Workforce 

    We know our Creatives will not just "cook" food, but will promise to deliver high-quality experiences and a gastronomical celebration with each and every bite! We give you a great attention to detail to build successful community activity and increase employee engagement.

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    Creativity, Community, Bonding & Delicious EATS...  

    ...that's the Foodie Village Way! Please keep sharing with us what you like, what you love, and also, any enhancements you might like to bring to the community. This is your community, as much as it is everyone else's. CHEERS!


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    Customers' Review

    What We Do - Our Team's Experience


    “A number of years ago I engaged with a company, That's Entertainment, and their catering division Mangiamo. Our family was planning a bar mitzvah and was looking for something different and unique. Their idea was an International cuisine, a small booth for each type of food and beverage; we were able to select the menus and the process was amazing. We thought what a wonderful idea, our son's friends and family could travel the world without leaving our home!

    The International idea became our theme. All of their staff dressed in the appropriate International attire and some even spoke the native tongue, what an unexpected treat that was! The ambiance was phenomenal and very colorful. The food choices we're simple but so delicious it was as if we ordered a chef from 7 different five star restaurants to fulfill our menu request!

    Fast forward to the 21st century. A couple of years ago, while attending lunch at a 'creative" space, there were, I believe, eight food vendors mostly trucks and a couple of carts representing food choices from all over the world. Yes it brought back the memory of many years before at my son's bar mitzvah party. I came to find out that the owners of this event, A Food Village where none other than those that did a fabulous party at our home many years before! Can I make the claim that your company may have been the founders of this whole insane food outing craze? Thank you Nolan and team for doing such a great job, and I apologize that it took so long to give you kudos for all your hard work." 

    -- Jason D


  • Let's Get Started

    Whether indoor or outdoor, an office complex, a small wedding or a major music festival in the park, the founders of Foodie Village just might be the originators of the modern mobile food vendor event!! But it is really all of YOU - the Location Partners, the Creatives and all the wonderful Customers who can take the credit for the exciting rush of the Mobile Food Industry craze throughout the country today!!!

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