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Virtual Village Network

How it Works and Supports Creatives

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Virtual Village is Foodie Creatives. We combine Mobile Food, Cottage Industry Vendors in one virtual space that becomes the go-to for hungry shoppers looking for great food.

The Creative Vendor can reach new customers and provide Catering, Concessions and large-scale event activities.

The core of the program leverages an extensive community of creatives. Using technology to remake Take Out, Delivery, Walk-in service and Drive-by Pickup into a highly adaptive and freeing experience.

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As the Virtual Village Network grows the benefits of low investment, time savings and ease of entry draw both Creatives and customers.


As the Virtual Village Brand establishes a market presence it will showcase various Creative Concepts.

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Virtual Villages, also known as Vendor Partner Programs, have many Benefits for the Mobile Food Vendors (Creatives) who join:

  • Ability to experiment with new cuisines and meal options at relatively low cost
  • Use the business model to enhance your offering to your existing customers
  • Drive new business and build a loyal following
  • Virtual Village broadcast your brand reaching a much wider audience increasing your revenue
  • Extremely low startup cost with a variety of member payment options for any budget
  • Short-term to Long-term contracts available
  • In-house team to design product showcases and websites for your company
  • Low development costs to create a custom menu for our Creatives
  • We train Creatives on our new “Take-away” model – new option for most Vendors
  • We offer a true Vendor partnership by helping to streamline the sales and order process
  • Opportunities for Retailers, Caterers, Product Manufacturers and Merchandisers
  • Location based income doesn't go away – walk-ins and loyal customers can still exist
  • Virtual Village provides added revenue streams for Creatives – specialty products and merchandising
  • The program helps to build the Creative's brand and offers a platform for their new ideas
  • Virtual Villages give Creatives a platform for experimenting with new cuisines and locations
  • Opportunities to Highlight and Showcase specially selected Menu items to all audiences
  • Virtual Village exclusive promotional opportunities for Member's Only
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The program is based on extensive research of consumer purchasing habits and their various transactions. The Brands of qualifying and reliable Mobile Food Vendors will grow nationally as their success in the Foodie Village impresses audiences.

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A catalyst to success will also be the deployment of Drive-by Pickup to impeccably manage a Staging System to efficiently process orders for personal Customer and Delivery Driver pickups. This helps to drive more business to our Food Vendors, Farmers, Retailers, and all others in our network as well.

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