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Catering Opportunities - Joining the Foodie Fleet automatically allows your eligibility for the Foodie Village Catering Operations, which many Creatives will find how the majority of their income will come from our Catering projects.

Special Events & Promotions - Foodie Village will cross promote their different events and projects as well as produce a variety of tastings and events called "MEET OUR CREATIVES" to Showcase a variety of our Food & Beverage Vendors as well as our Non Food Vendors, Entertainers, Musicians, Bands and Performers.
More Details

• Efficient location of sites that generate income
• Health features are well thought out and designed to provide consumer confidence

• Efficient use of managed POS that ties together the vendor at the location and the website
• Sales are generated through the website and also possible in person
• With most sales coming from the website staff can help with meal prep
• Easy Drive-by Pickup(TM) service to handle meal distribution