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Ghost Kitchen vs Virtual Village

A Unique Concept Beyond the Cloud or Ghost Business Model

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Since we first began experimenting with this business model a few years ago it has been an exciting journey. The more we talk about this space and learn about the multitude of features and benefits and how it can be implemented, we have come to realize the potential is huge for our Boutique Foodies, Restaurants, Mobile Vendors, Cottage industry folks, and all of our Creatives! But the model which we are proposing is much different  than what is being created in various neighborhoods throughout the country. Those Cloud or Ghost Kitchen models might bring the consumer an added value sometimes, but they surely do not help the local Mobile Food Purveyors, Cafes, Restaurants, Caffeterias, or even a roaming food Cart businesses. If anything, they hurt these businesses and the communities they are in.  

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This is why at Foodie Village we have a similar but very different model we are building. A solution to help communities thrive especially as we all participate in this Pandemic Pivot. We are creating the first ever Foodie Ventures VIRTUAL VILLAGE™ and plan to do this within a variety of different neighborhoods. We are establishing some very big opportunities with this business model and by partnering with a Virtual Village enterprise within a local neighborhood we bring added value with a strong collection of benefits to not just support Mobile Food Vendors but these local eateries as well. To keep it simple, our business plan supports your local restaurants, cafes, eateries and coffee shops along with Food Trucks, Mobile Carts and even Popups. 

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If you are a serious local food entrepreneur with a Mobile food business or brick'n'motar Restaurant of any type we are poised to help you build your business by creating and reinventing exciting spaces in and around different neighborhoods or under-used locations. Some of these locations are known as "Deal Real Estate" and can sometimes be within a transitional period of uncertainty. The Foodie Ventures Virtual Village program can help rebuild and establish new life in your community.  

A true "Village" offers much more than just a collection of added food choices. We will present an entire new option of product pop ups, unique products along with a plethora of cuisines helping to create a new concept stemming from what we view as a 21st Century Shopping Lists. A product driven marketplace with a physical (Brick'n'Motar) option and virtual buying solutions as well. 

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If you are a serious entrepreneur, a business who is not afraid of growth and establishing a connection with your community, or to embrace a new community this is your opportunity to make new things happen for your business. There is NO MAJOR INVESTMENT NEEDED. In fact, you can take part in the program in most cases, probably near your own home town with very little up front capital. 

To learn more about our Virtual Village opportunity or if your company or the products you represent are eligible to participate in this new program and we receive the confidential information from you to become a partner in the Foodie Ventures Virtual Village program please fill out this short form as soon as possible or send us an Email to receive a basic response. In the subject line write, "I want to learn more about the FV Virtual Village Program" and we will contact you as soon as we can. 

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