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    New Foodie Village Location
    Launches in San Francisco

    Enhancing Community Together

    Help “Rebuild America™” One Village at a time

    Aroy Thai
    Curry Up Now will be serving Park Merced residents on Nov. 14
    MSK Cielito Lindo
  • We invite you to help begin the process.

    Join us and start your weekend early as a new Mobile Food Vendor Market begins to take shape beginning with the Parkmerced's PICNIC In the PARK Event on Saturdays from 11-2 pm.


    This new Community Market at Parkmerced will begin the pandemic pivot process to play a role in Rebuilding America! We are supporting local small businesses, food vendors, musicians and performers in the "Neighborhood," all with COVID safe activity.

    Creating a festive environment for your weekend activity

    Foodie Village, the new startup food truck events organizer is rapidly growing in popularity, and has partnered with Parkmerced Community Complex to bring food vendors, entertainment, and a variety of activities and events. This ongoing outdoor Foodie Village market will operate every Saturday from 11 am - 2 pm through December.


    As an added bonus we plan to bring a couple days a week to the area a coffee and breakfast service to the residents and guests. They can purchase some early day treats from the Foodie Village Travelin' Coffee Cart beginning at 9 am. Actual days TBA.


    The Travelin Coffee Cart will host some of its specialty brands of coffee, gourmet tea and its delicious signature Belgian Waffles and Fruit Medley. The Coffee Station location will be announced soon.

  • Parkmerced Complex Partners with Foodie Ventures

    A Growing Popularity

    Foodie Village is receiving great interest in the events it organizes. Join us and start your weekend early as a new Mobile Food Vendor Market begins operations on Saturday from 11-2 pm. We plan to begin the process to Rebuild America, by supporting local small businesses, food vendors, musicians and entertainers in your Neighborhood, all with COVID SAFE activity.

    The Current Challenge

    Since mid March of 2020 the official Pandemic announcement Foodie Ventures began working with Farmers' Markets, they realized a great synergy and moved forward. Unfortunately, most Mobile Food Vendors were either going out of business or more importantly, didn't know they could operate as an Essential Business. The Farmers' Market and Foodie Village combo has helped to restore the confidence in our mobile food vendors as we move forward during these trying times. This is an important option to consider for all neighborhood Foodie Village projects.

    Things Are Changing

    Our Creatives and other Venue Partners are beginning to understand how they can play a vital role in the communities of our cities and counties. They realize it is a responsibility to enhance their local communities by working with Foodie Ventures to create these outdoor, COVID SAFE VENUES, aka FOODIE VILLAGE.

    A Positive Outlook

    We are looking forward to working with Parkmerced to bring a new concept and COVID SAFE solutions to a growing community at your location and the surrounding area.

    The Location

    This one will be in San Francisco, at the Parkmerced Community, adjacent to SF State University and the beautiful Lake Merced area. Foodie Village is teaming up with the local community location to offer food, meals as well as other amenities along with a Beverage service and live music at least every Friday evening starting November 6, 2020. The Parkmerced Residential community is the largest residential location of its kind anywhere in the country, at one point having more than 10,000 residence at the popular residential site.

  • Check out Parkmerced

    Our starting foodie lineup


    Techalla BBQ and Grill

    SF Treats


    Aroy Thai Truck

    Bacon Bacon Truck

    Cielito Lindo Truck

    Always Hungry 415

    Roadside Rotisserie Truck

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