• Foodie Ventures Creating Markets with Creative Community Coop

    We are bringing a new Brand of

    Farmers' Market to California

    We're located in Copperopolis

    We think big

    As a group our goals are to stir the pot and organize entertainment-based community building activities. We also see the benefit of drawing food options not readily available but dearly needed.

    Farmers' Markets are appealing and align with many of our goals

    Food and entertainment that everyone can appreciate

    These open-air markets provide an essential service. Beyond supporting local farmers, these events are magnets for a variety of entertainment possibilities. It brings people together in a manageable way to pursue a neighborly approach of re-instilling hope and connections

    We're partnering with Foodie Ventures to help where they can

    Their goals are to help communities by serving up food trucks and more

    Foodie Ventures specializes in establishing scenes called Foodie Villages.

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