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  • The MARKET @ Parkmerced
    New Foodie Village Location
    Launches in San Francisco

    Enhancing Community Together

    Help “Rebuild America™” One Village at a time

  • Vendors

    Foodie Ventures Management in partnership with the Copperopolis Cooperative of Calaveras (FVM) is currently accepting applications from farmers, mobile food vendors, gourmet foods and other Cottage food industry companies as well as, arts, crafts and community vendors for our various markets. If you're interested in applying, please click on the link below and fill out the form we will reply as soon as possible.


    Offering the freshest fruits and vegetables available direct from certified farms across California, The MARKET at Parkmerced brings farmers to the city. Easily accessible and within walking distance of their front doors the farmers' market will be an ongoing event every Saturday all year long providing produce and farm related goods to an otherwise food desert.

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